Fire Evacuation Procedures

In the unlikely event of a fire teachers and pupils should proceed as follows:


1.      Teachers should take pupils calmly to the nearest fire exit checking cloakrooms/toilets.
Take children safely across the road to car park where the register should be taken accounting for the appropriate classes/pupils.

2.      Do not enter the building until given all clear by the Manager of fire brigade.

3.      Call the Fire Brigade if not already done so by another member of CGC staff.

4.      Always report any suspicion of fire to the Manager of CGC/Principal/Teacher NGDS

Fire Prevention and Knowledge of 4 Cotton Road, Canterbury, CT1 3RB

All NGDS teachers should be aware of the following:

1. List of Fire Fighting Equipment plus fire exit doors.

2.      Fire exit doors located at main entrance and bottom of stair in boys changing area.

3.      Left hand side of downstairs changing room.

4.      Extinguishers Main building- e.g., Red-Water or Blue-Dry Powder and their location

5.      Fire Extinguishers lower level by exit door changing room Studio 1

6.      Fire Extinguisher upper level by Girls changing room in corridor.

Teachers these are NGDS nearest Firefighting Extinguishers.
Please look around CGN area too and be aware of others not pertaining to NGDS in case of an emergency.

Date of Annual Fire Inspection and location of Fire extinguisher certificate to be found in reception CGC.

Dated : Monday 6th September 2021