Health Care Policy


  • To reduce the risk of Staff and Pupils injuring themselves
  • Maintain a safe working environment in Studios and changing areas
  • Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Responsibilities: The Principal is responsible for ensuring staff and students are not at risk of injury by their work, studies or dance environment.

Teachers are responsible for demonstrating and teaching the ISTD syllabus/Free style classes in a safe and professional manner upholding the rules of the registered society and good General Practice.

In addition, choreograph shows and routines while recognising the anatomical differences and limitations of the individual student.

Comply with Health and Safety Policy of C.G.C and NGDS

All teachers are required to attend regular meetings in: Fire Evacuation Procedures, Health and Safety reviews, First Aid Courses, Teachers Development.

Teachers must be qualified in their own Genre and attend regular courses where appropriate. Encourage good diet, hydration and regular injury prevention.

Key Areas:

  • Ensure floor is clean and safe to dance with no obstructions
  • Display warm-up and Cooldown posters/Hydration
  • Ensure burnout does not occur from over training
  • Teachers should report any concerns to the Principal
  • Uphold NGDS total ban on alcohol, drugs, no smoking and no bullying in the work place.

All teachers are required to take the register and carry information on any pupils who may need assistance, for example diabetes, asthma, and allergies. Parents are required to make teachers aware of pupils’ medical conditions on registration forms. Copies of contact details and medical conditions are held in Studio 1 along with First Aid Kits and Accident Report Forms.

This policy is reviewed yearly and updated when appropriate.

Date: 14/04/2021