This is the statement of General Health & Safety Policy and arrangements for: Next Generation Dance Studio- Studio 1 and Studio 2
Debra Johnson (Principal) NGDS and CGC has overall and final responsibility for health and safety
Debra Johnson, Rachel Hilton, Sarah Durey, James Middleton, Lydia Bentley has day-to-day responsibility for ensuring this policy is put into practice
Statement of
General Policy
Responsibility of: Name/Title Action/Arrangements
Prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health by managing the health and safety risks in the workplace Teachers working at NGDS Check Studio is clear of all potentially harmful objects while children are dancing. Make safe all equipment, flooring. Maintain all electrical goods and make safe the dressing room.
Provide clear instructions and information, and adequate training, to ensure employees are competent to do their work Debra Johnson Make sure teachers are aware and have read NGDS Policies regarding Health and Safety and have clear instructions on Fire Evacuation. Renew any training regarding First Aid, Dance Teachers Training, Health and Safety, Health Care, Child Protection. Keep the Policies manual on the premises for perusal.
Engage and consult with CGC and teachers on day-to-day health and safety conditions. Follow our Health and Safety ISTD Policy Debra Johnson Make sure teachers are putting into Practice all Policies and requirements implemented by the Principal and NGDS/CGC. Expect a report of any findings from teachers and CGC.
Implement emergency procedures – evacuation in case of fire or other significant incident. You can find help with your fire risk assessment at: Debra Johnson, Rachel Hilton, Sarah Durey, James Middleton, Lydia Bentley Follow the Fire Evacuation Policy for Studio 1 and Studio 2 as instructed in the Policy manual and that of Canterbury Gymnastics Club.
Maintain safe and healthy working conditions, provide and maintain studio, equipment and flooring, and ensure safe storage of all Dance Equipment, Props and Uniform.Debra Johnson Debra Johnson CGC/NGDS maintenance
Signed: *Principal NGDS Debra Johnson Date: 14/04/2021
First Aid
First-aid box is located:

Studio 1 & 2

Studio 1 – On Shelf

Studio 2 – ON shelf

Also Located in Gym Reception